Beefeater Has a New Seasonal Gin: Introducing Winter Edition


Remember when Beefeater launched its Summer Gin and master distiller Desmond Payne hinted that it might be the first in a series of seasonal gins? Well, it turns out it was. And the next one, Winter Edition, has arrived.

With Christmasy notes of cinnamon, pine, orange peel, and nutmeg, Winter is already popping up in cocktail bars around the city. Meaghan Dorman of Raines Law Room, for example, is featuring the spirit in her new Winter Negroni, a twist on the bitter Campari classic. Her version incorporates Beefeater Winter, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, and Campari, in equal parts. This variation, like the original Negroni, is a great go-to for the home bartender because it’s nearly impossible to screw up. And so, while a wintry version of the spirit more often associated with refreshing summer drinks is welcome, we hope Beefeater isn’t on too zealous of a new product roll. A pumpkin-nosed Beefeater Fall or asparagus-hinted Beefeater Spring might be more gin than we can handle.

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