Million Dollar Hoax? Guy Claims He’s Getting a Huge Gift, Promotes Comedy Show


Craig Rowin, a local comedian, made a series of YouTube videos in which he asked for one million dollars simply because he thought “it would be awesome.” He asked Steven Spielberg specifically, and then he asked Nike or Apple. It was a good gimmick, resulting in about 50,000 cumulative YouTube views, which is decent considering the videos are not very funny and the premise only a bit better. Now, in the above clip entitled “Success!”, he’s claiming that a random millionaire has agreed to present him with a check live on stage at the UCB Theatre on February 2nd. Don’t we see what’s happening here?

It’s not impossible: Rowin’s logic — that multi-millionaires have multiple millions of dollars, so they can spare one — is sound. Maybe he convinced someone! But the voicemail from his supposed benefactor, “Benjamin,” and the notarized letter, which serve as Rowin’s proof are both easy enough to fake. (Plus a message is easier to stick in a YouTube video than a spontaneous conservation.) And that dopey smile? A dead giveaway.

Sites like The Daily What and Geekosystem have already spread the word about Rowin’s “good news,” resulting in enough publicity for this February 2nd show to have advance tickets ($5) sell out. Isn’t that what any struggling comedian wants?

As of this posting, the video itself has only 312 views, so it’s safe to say it hasn’t been confirmed or shown on the Today show just yet. But Rowin has “been featured in the Wall Street Journal, has become a sensation in Holland, and appeared on the CBS morning news in Alabama to ask millionaires for one million dollars,” according to his UCB listing. Which is all well and good! That’s what the internet is for. By any means necessary!

But a million dollars from a stranger? Have we forgotten Dry Erase Girl already? We’d say we could see for ourselves on stage in a few weeks, but not even this could get us to a comedy show.

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