New York’s “Hottest Subway Routes” Identified


Trendy fashiony site Refinery 29 has uncovered New York City’s “Hottest Subway Routes” and is offering eye candy in the form of “36 Saucy Snaps” of attractive peoples discovered riding, waiting for, or frolicking about the trains. As a matter of public service, we’d like to point out that these “hot” routes are all in Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan, particularly Williamsburg, the Lower East Side, areas in close proximity to NYU, and Soho. Also, Clinton Hill. So, congrats/good luck/here’s to you if you take any of those trains! And, SORRY if you live uptown or in, er, Murray Hill. How…awkward.

But is this scientific? What is the methodology? And should a subway route even be hot? Also, given the number of trains that go in and out of stations daily, are these 36 photos all that telling or even remotely comprehensive? (That’s rhetorical.)

The good folks at Refinery 29 point out that pretty much everyone takes the subway at some time, and pretty much everyone has at some point seen someone moderately attractive during their subway excursion. As such, they suggest:

If you’re single, we suggest getting down to business, buying a MetroCard, and staking out your spot now–just in case you want a date for V-Day.

But, sadly, here’s a fact: If you’re taking the subway to find hot people, you’re doing it wrong. And if you’re staking out the subway in search of a date for Valentine’s Day, well, you simply can’t be helped by anything we have to offer.

But if you’re taking the subway and happen to see a hot person, good for you! The rest of us can look at the Refinery 29 photos and hope that someday, a slim man in a pea coat or a woman sporting fur will gaze our way across the L platform, and our eyes will lock, and that will be that, forever and truly. Someday.

And the rest rest of us will be waiting for those people to come to their senses and find us in the bar.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 19, 2011

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