Richard Chamberlain Gets Raged Against By Gays!


Well, one gay, anyway.


An Enquirer article points out that I’m not happy with Richard Chamberlain‘s recent remarks that actors should stay in the closet because there’s still homophobia in the business.

That point of view deeply disappointed me.

Of course there’s some homophobia, but why keep fueling those flames, as it were, by urging actors to stay secretive?

The only way to keep tumbling prejudices is to bring truths out into the open–as actors like Neil Patrick Harris and Cheyenne Jackson have done with great success.

Should light-skinned blacks pretend to be white because there’s still racism out there?

Chamberlain–who came out in 2003–should realize honesty is the best policy, and besides, the landscape has dramatically changed since Dr. Kildare, the 1960s series that made him famous.

As I point out in the article, whatever the pitfalls of coming out may be, so many celebs have burst out and never looked back, saying the pros way outweight the cons.

Some say there are no cons.

And by the way, doesn’t my photo look cute?