Download The Great Local Metal Comp NYC Sucks, Volume 1


Kudos to the presumably ironic blog Metal Sucks for curating the also presumably ironic NYC Sucks, Volume 1, a 14-track comp of local metal featuring Made Out of Babies, Castevet, Meek Is Murder (nice), and a few luminaries you may remember from our very own Yes in My Backyard column, including Naam (“kraut-metal crushers”) and Battilus (“the blackest, bleakest, and orneriest of the lot”). Stream or download directly from Metal Sucks here; tracklist is below. Watch the volume if you’re at work, unless you’d like to explain that you’re listening to a band called Mutant Supremacy.

1. East of the Wall, “The Ladder”

2. Made out of Babies, “Invisible Ink”

3. Tiger Flowers, “Cuts”

4. Black Anvil, “The Evil of All Roots”

5. Naam, “Frosted Tread”

6. Batillus, “The Children of the Night Make Their Music”

7. Meek is Murder, “Sundowners” (demo)

8. The Binary Code, “Encircled”

9. Castevet, “Stones”

10. Hung, “Desert of Sad”

11. Wizardry, “The Falconer”

12. Pyrrhon, “King of All Tears”

13. Mutant Supremacy, “Epitaph”

14. Incendiary, “Victory in Defeat”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 20, 2011

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