Duane Reade May Have Watched You Pee


But only if you worked there! Sixteen Duane Reade employees are suing the company for rigging bathrooms with cameras and “recording devices” (?) ostensibly to make sure workers weren’t, what, playing Angry Birds or snorting drugs? It’s hard to fathom this ever seeming a good idea at a managerial level, but the surveillance supposedly existed at a Maspeth, Queens branch, which is now facing a $110 million Brooklyn Supreme Court lawsuit. And for once we’re glad there are no public restrooms!

More from the Daily News:

When it was noticed in January 2008, higherups removed it and then called employees to a meeting where they were told to “let it go” – or face termination, according to the document.

“Basically, you had an employer abridging their rights as citizens to file a complaint,” Thompson said. “Who knows how far this went?”

Duane Reade issued a statement denying the allegations.

“We don’t believe the suit has merit, and we will defend ourselves in court,” the company promised.

The alleged cameras were actually meant to catch employees stealing or messing with merchandise, though it probably just picked up a lot of peeing on the seat. (And hopefully washing hands, which is required of employees!) If, by any chance, it was a pervert thing, there would probably be a lot more “traffic” at the Duane Reade with the beer bar. Ew, sorry.

Workers sue Duane Reade for secretly putting cameras in bathrooms to record employees [NYDN]

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