Joan Rivers: My Palin Jokes Cost Me A Fox News Booking


My favorite comic, Joan Rivers, recently joked that Sarah Palin should go to another planet and get out of our faces, and that people are right to blame her for the Arizona shootings because “she’s stupid and a threat.”

Next thing you know, Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends show cancelled her booking!

Unlike Palin, Joan is a smart woman, and she made the connection. Fox was censoring her for making fun of Palin, even though Palin’s whole line of bull these days is about free speech!

(As if Palin’s crosshairs imagery had anything to do with free speech. It had to do with editorial choices indviduals in the public eye make, and how responsible they choose to be.)

Anyway, Fox says the cancellation was simply an accident and she’ll be rebooked.

Meanwhile, funny daughter Melissa had this to say about mama’s Palin crack: “I often say that about my mother.”