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Snooki Beats Nicholas Sparks on the New York Times Best-Sellers List


Yesterday she tweeted it. But when we didn’t see Snooki’s fiction debut A Shore Thing on the New York Times Best-Sellers list, (and when we heard, in fact, that sales of the book hadn’t even been that great), we wondered…could our favorite teensy, tan empress of the beaches be confused? Could she? Today we have confirmed that Snooki is neither confused nor deluded — not, at least, with regard to her book’s position on the Times‘ hardcover fiction list.

The Times told us that the new lists are updated on Friday afternoons, which is why the current one posted does not include the effervescent detail that Snooki’s effort has now reached number 24, right between Towers Of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.

We wonder how they feel.

Meanwhile, on Amazon, commenters are giving their two cents:

This is by far the best assisted suicide novel I have ever read. I was literally cutting my wrists as every page was turned. Bravo Snooki!!

(We hope “Marxius” didn’t bleed out, ’cause there is so going to be a sequel.)



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