Fake Blueberries Plague Our Food Products; Cook Gets Jail Time for Putting Body Hair in Cop’s Sandwich


An investigation has been launched into what caused a mysterious greenish-yellow goo to fall from the skies in Snyder, New York. Turns out, it might be the poo of seagulls who dined on McDonald’s fries. [Daily Mail]

Chengdu province is hoping to capitalize on the popularity of spicy Sichuan food — and expand it — by promoting Chengdu as a foodie tourist destination. [Wall Street Journal]

As if there aren’t enough false food claims already. “Blueberries” found in certain Kellogg’s, Betty Crocker, and General Mills products are actually artificial. [LA Times]

So, what’s the punishment for putting body hair in a cop’s sandwich? The cook found guilty of just that has been sentenced to at least 15 days in jail. [NJ Star-Ledger]

Quinoa isn’t just good for you, its recent popularity is also changing the lives of farmers in Bolivia who grow it. [NPR]

Fro-yo chain Red Mango is expanding. It plans to open 100 more stores around the country this year. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Apparently, the Michelin star system no longer has great value in Britain. It seems that few new three-star restaurants are ever added, and everyone already knows the old ones. [Wall Street Journal]


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