Hot Pot Culinary Events Teams Up With Traffic Bar & Restaurant


Hot Pot Culinary Events, a company that puts together cooking classes for corporate events and private parties, has partnered with Midtown pub-fare hub Traffic Bar & Restaurant (986 Second Avenue, 212-813-1595) for a series of culinary classes called “Flavor Mashups.”

Three events are slated for the upcoming months, including a chicken-wing flavor mashup on Febuary 1, a chocolate fondue mashup on Valentine’s Day, and a sushi flavor mashup on March 1. All events are from 8 to 10 p.m., can be reserved on Hot Pot’s website for $35 to $50 per person, and include a demo of the key elements before unleashing participants to create their own spin on the dish.

What makes this more exciting than the same old restaurant cooking class? At the end of the class, the participant who is the winner of “Most Awesome Mashup” (other categories include “Most Unexpectedly Delicious Mashup” and “Most Adventurous Failed Experiment”), will get to see his or her dish offered as a daily special at Traffic for the next two weeks, until the next event occurs. Being a bona fide chef has never been so easy.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 21, 2011


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