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Lady Who Fell in Fountain While Texting Revealed as Identity Thief


We almost felt sorry for the texting-fountain lady, who fell in a fountain while texting. How embarrassing, and something we might do, and then to have your name plastered all over the media as the “texting-fountain lady” — how EXTREMELY embarrassing. But then she got on TV and started complaining about how it’s all been so hard for her, and crying. Which made us significantly less sympathetic. And then it came out that she has a criminal record for, among other things, stealing someone else’s identity. Which it seems she could have really used.

Cathy Cruz Marrero, apparently, had been charged last October for using a coworker’s credit cards “to make more than $5,000 in purchases at a Target and a Zales jewelry store.” Oh, that is a sad sentence. Another sad sentence, her own, happens on April 21, her next court date. According to ABC, “Marrero is likely facing about six months of house arrest and electronic monitoring.”

The good news about all this: time to learn to walk and text away from the eyes of the prying public! Also, does this mean she’s not going to sue the mall after all?

In other news, apparently a security guard was fired for posting Marrero’s fountain-fall video, which just seems way harsh.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 21, 2011

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