New York State Made $1.3 Million on eBay


That’s right. Our great state, saddled with debt, started a little business on the side, selling junk on internet auction site eBay, according to a report in the Daily News. The Office of General Services is in charge of the peddling and spokesperson said they are “very pleased with the program.” As they should be! In 2010, they raked in over $1 million.

The junk is both varied and useless, as it should be:

Items being sold this week included a rusting voting machine, which had a top bid of $15.50; commercial dryers, which had a sole bid of $10, and a 30-ton pile of scrap metal that was going for more than $202.

Used office equipment, especially computers, is a big seller. Two parcels of computer equipment, each with a hodgepodge of processors, printing equipment and other items, were being offered this week for minimum bids of $10.

In recent weeks, the state has sold a used snack vending machine ($355), a disassembled pool table ($128) and a commercial-sized vegetable peeler ($660).

But if the state is selling a used commercial-sized vegetable peeler for over $600, it makes you wonder how much they paid for this crap in the first place. Not the snack vending machine, though. That seems worth it.

New York State putting its unwanted junk up for sale on eBay [NYDN]

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