Nick Summers Out at New York Observer, Returning to Newsweek For Tina Brown


Just one big, local item on this slushy Friday for the reincarnated Press Clips column: New York Observer media reporter Nick Summers, on the job less than three months after the departure of John Koblin, is returning to Newsweek, where he worked as a reporter until October 29. While at the Observer, Summers wrote extensively about the embattled newsweekly, always with a disclosure as to his previous employment, including news of the merger with Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast and her plans to take over as editor-in-chief. At the NewsBeast hybrid, Summers will work as a senior writer in a national correspondent role based in New York. Summers said his constant coverage of the new Newsweek is “probably what attracted Tina.”

“It was very flattering,” he said. “She’d read all of my stuff.”

Of Summers’ 22 articles for the Observer, eight were about Newsweek and The Daily Beast, including a hard-hitting piece this week about a feature being held because of conflicting advertising. Summers’ article was published the morning he received the job offer.

“After that item, I don’t think anyone can say I was carrying water for Newsweek,” he said.

Summers said he was sorry to leave the Observer so soon, calling his position a “terrific job,” but noting that he was excited for the prospect of travel and national news. He will also edit Newsweek features by young, up-and-coming writers.

“As fond as I was of the old Newsweek, I never would have gone back to that,” Summers said. “The new Newsweek is a different story. The place is pretty much gutted to the pillars and the rafters. It’s basically a brand, plus Tina and they’re building up. I think she can pull it off.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 21, 2011


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