Philly Abortion Doc Murdered Babies With Scissors, Prosecutors Say



A Philly abortion doctor — he wasn’t even an OB/GYN but just a general practitioner — is accused of the grisly murders of viable babies after he illegally plucked them from the wombs of women in their last trimester. The babies were born alive, say prosecutors, and then Dr. Kenneth Gosnell used scissors to snip their spinal cords.

The backlash from this won’t do legitimate abortion docs or the pro-choice troops any good at all. The Philadelphia press is screaming “serial killer!” and preaching about “depravity.”

Regarding the explosive grand-jury report released by prosecutors, the Philadelphia Daily News intones:

The report details 40 years of a depraved “doctor’s” career killing live, viable infants once they were forcibly delivered from poor and desperate women. He and his unqualified staff, none of whom was licensed and one of whom was a 15-year-old girl, operated out of filthy, dangerous offices, performing illegal late-term abortions for cash and raking in $10,000-$15,000 a day from what the report calls a baby charnel house.

Like so many before it, this grand-jury report is a powerfully written account of the lowest depths of humanity.

The grand-jury report is definitely the stuff of Grand Guignol.

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