Behold: Astor Place and Cooper Square Renovation Plans


Lo! The city has finally revealed its plans to clean up the traffic snafu that is Astor Place and Cooper Square. Last night, the Department of Design and Construction met with Village locals to present the . Basically what’s going to happen is that Astor Place will become better for pedestrians and those awful stormwater gulleys will be gone. It involves a lot of plazas. Here’s a brief recap of the reconstructions:

  • Where the Mud Truck sits, there will be a larger plaza with trees in planters. And then where the big cube is, there’ll be another plaza.
  • Another plaza, which will be made of colored pavement and is supposed to commemorate the fact that the spot used to be a Native American trail, will be constructed where the spinny cube is. This plaza (plaza! plaza!) will be shaped so as to control rain runofff. More trees here as well.
  • At Cooper Square (home of the Voice offices!) the “tired old Cooper Square ‘park'” will be expanded. Again, trees and flowerbeds and whatnot.
  • And for the piece de resistance, at the southern end of the area: the new Village Plaza (PLAZA! PLAZA!). At almost 8,000 square feet and with more planters for assorted vegetation, the Village Plaza actually sounds kind of great.

So psyched for all the plazas! Now we’ll be able to literally spend whole days walking from plaza to plaza, plaza-ing our plazas in plaza. How much is this stuff going to cost, we wonder? For some reason that detail is hard to find. We’ve got a call in to the Department of Transportation and will update if we hear more.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 22, 2011

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