Gabrielle Giffords Transferred to Houston Hospital; Williamsburg Couple Indicted for Animal Hoarding (Weekend Links)


    • Goooood morning! It’s kind of still morning. This blogger found a few of the last remaining Four Lokos in Brooklyn, so…? Anyway, stay inside your houses at all costs today. It’ll be a high of 23 degrees.
    • Gabrielle Giffords is “doing great” at a hospital in Houston, according to her physicians. One doctor said that Giffords has good movement on the left side of her body, but some “paralysis or weakness” on the right side. Gruesomely, “portions of Giffords’ skull that were removed are still frozen in a sterile bag, and it could be weeks, if not months, before those portions are surgically returned to her head.” Giffords can now stand with assistance and was able to go outside for the first time since the shooting on Thursday. [CNN]


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 22, 2011

  • A couple in Williamsburg are facing a 252-count indictment for animal cruelty after dozens of sick and injured cats were found in their gross giant litterbox of a loft. The Daily News reports that “The extent of the horror came to light in July, when five kittens, two of them blind, fell through urine-soaked rotting floorboards from the third-floor space to the loft below.” Holy. Shit. [NYDN]
  • Three Staten Island sanitation workers were arrested for selling coke and oxycodone to undercover cops. This is the space for a joke having to do with “snow,” and actual snow, and how, like, they should have been shoveling the real kind and, I give up. [Gothamist via NYDN]

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