ANIMAL New York vs. the New York Post


ANIMAL New York’s Bucky Turco is taking a stand against the apparently rampant ripping-off of local blog stories by the New York Post. In a post today, Turco explains how a reporter from the Post basically out-and-out copied sections of an ANIMAL post about the mural on Bowery and Houston. It’s pretty bad.

The reporter, Stefanie Cohen, directly lifted quotes from ANIMAL:

Cohen also used (without attribution) details that were exclusively reported by ANIMAL. For example:

“When I pressed her on where she got the story in the first place she told me from ‘some girl in the office pitched it’ to her,” Turco told us this afternoon. Which is not even a very good lie, right?

After he talked to Cohen, she said that an online correction would be forthcoming. But as of this posting, that hasn’t happened.

As Turco put it, “This is pretty low standards…even for the Post.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 23, 2011


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