Bed Bugs in Gramercy Park Hotel?


Bed bugs — our indestructible nemeses who are biting more New Yorkers than ever — may be causing issues in the super-swanky Gramercy Park Hotel. A disgruntled employee wrote to Gothamist, telling them that bed bugs had been found in guest rooms, employee lockers, and storage rooms — and that the hotel is doing little to stop the infestation.

The anonymous employee told Gothamist:

Employee lockers that had bedbugs in them were not treated correctly to destroy the nests and only the locker that filed the complaint was treated. The whole place should have been emptied. Guest rooms where bed bugs have been found were fumigated just enough to give the appearance of a solution. The hotel thrives on its wood and rich fabrics in its interiors. None of these items, including the mattresses, were discarded in the fumigation process.

The hotel, of course, denies all this. Well, shit! Lucky for us that the majority will never stay a night in the Gramercy Park Hotel.