Cuomo Loses Bet on Jets to Penn Gov; WHO Calls for Ban on Kiddie Fast-Food Ads


Governor Andrew Cuomo will have to hand over a basket of Nathan’s hot dogs, Buffalo chicken wings, Hudson Valley apple cider, and local cheese and maple syrup to Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett following the Jets’ loss last night.
[NY Daily News]

Forced to eat in due to money being tight, more people have learned to cook and discovered they enjoy it.

The Food Bank for New York’s annual survey found that one in three city residents has been forced to reduce food intake due to financial difficulty.
[NY Daily News]

Philadelphia apparently has a burgeoning culinary scene that goes beyond the iconic cheesesteak.
[NY Times]

Americans are eating more buffalo meat than ever before. It’s believed to be healthier than beef, chicken, and pork.
[Wall Street Journal]

Jean-Georges Vongerichten reveals his love of gummy bears (“I can eat a jar every day”) and chocolate (“I can’t go to sleep without it”).
[Wall Street Journal]

Steelers fans might very well be celebrating their win last night with a Pittsburgh favorite, a Primanti Bros. Sandwich, made with pastrami, provolone, coleslaw, and french fries.
[NY Post]

Could athletes testing positive for drugs be victims of food dosing? Clenbuterol, which burns fat and builds muscle, is used by dopers and farmers for bulking up livestock.
[ABC News]

The World Health Organization is suggesting that governments restrict advertising of foods high in salt, sugar, and fats targeted at children.
[Mother Nature Network]



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