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Joe Biden Promptly Excused from Jury Duty; Nation Breathes Sigh of Relief


Did he use the old “my uncle’s a cop” excuse? Or explain that he really didn’t think he could be “impartial”? Whatever the reason (maybe because he’s vice president, maybe because he’s Joe Biden), the president’s number two reported for jury duty this morning in Delaware but was dismissed by midday without being called to a case. If he had landed on a jury it would have probably been a misdemeanor trial lasting only a day or two.

We hear Biden kept it pretty low-profile (one civilian said she didn’t notice he was in the room), despite the Secret Service and staffers on hand and having to excuse himself after being approached by folks who wanted to shake his hand to make “several calls with a secure telephone during the break, including one to President Barack Obama.” Jury duty is such a scene these days.

[via Delaware Online]

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