Just Because Teachers Are Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Right, Apparently


From the dailies to the multiplex, we are used to seeing stories peddled of bad teachers who don’t want to be held accountable. It’s a common motif, from Waiting for Superman to tales of the rubber room to the UFT’s fight to keep teacher evaluations from going public.

But the Daily News offers us something different, today: a tale of a principal who purposely had it out for her teachers, and ordered her assistant principals to give bad evaluations to a dozen of them without even watching them first.

Iris Blige, principal of Fordham School for the Arts, “directed her assistant principals to get rid of certain teachers before any observations of their work were completed,” the Daily News reports. She has paid $7,500 fine as part of her settlement, and she gets to keep her job.

So for all the stories teachers endure about how they’re not pulling their weight, here’s one to show that sometimes, their paranoia about being unfairly judged is right.


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