Sara Jenkins Has Wisely Stopped Reading Yelp


Today in her monthly column for The Atlantic, Sara Jenkins expounds upon Yelp, that bête noire of chefs, restaurateurs, and grammarians alike.

Since Porsena opened a month ago, Jenkins writes, she’s had to process the surfeit of “unfettered, unfiltered” reviews that have appeared on the site. And while she’s open to the criticism, she finds it difficult to reconcile the negative online comments with the customer satisfaction she witnesses daily:

“I want to read my criticism and take it on the chin, use it to better see what we are doing wrong and improve, but I really don’t know what restaurants these people are eating in. I have to put more faith in what I see in front of me, and that is good honest food and happy people. I try not to read Yelp anymore, and I think that’s where I’ll just have to stay until I feel a different current in the room.”

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