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Upper West Side Librarian Wants Police Protection from Kids


You don’t need to convince us that large groups of children can be terrifying. Why are they so small? Why do they travel in groups? What are they plotting? Also, did you ever see Children of the Corn? But there’s a librarian at the Bloomingdale Library at West 100th Street and Columbus (across from the NYPD’s 24th Precinct) who is so fearful of the mad packs of 12-year-olds that she’s come forward to ask for help from the cops. Unfortunately, while she may have cause to ask for police protection, what she’s saying isn’t likely to help her win over the “rude tweens” who have called her the b-word on more than one occasion.

Via DNA Info,

“They’re 12 and they have no respect for us,” said Bloomingdale Library manager Rebecca Donsky at a recent 24th Precinct Community Council meeting, her voice shaking with emotion as she pleaded for help controlling the youngsters.

Donsky, 28, says she’s “suburban girl from Staten Island” who has a hard time cracking down on kids. “I have a big squishy heart, so it’s really hard for me to put my foot down,” Donsky said. “That’s why I’m asking for all this help [from police].”

The unruly youngsters also apparently laugh in the face of the cops, which means any help from the NYPD will only go so far in taming the kids who refuse to leave the library, tell Donsky to go to hell, and, once finally outside, loiter. Regardless, the police are going to start doing walk-throughs “when they’re leaving the station house on meal breaks.”

Donsky loves teens, she says, and really just wants “to give them a way to channel their energy: If they’re angry, don’t call me names, write a poem.”

Which may be some of the problem.

[via DNA Info via Animal NY]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 24, 2011


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