What Will Keith Olbermann Tweet at 8 P.M.?


Keith Olbermann, recently departed host of MSNBC’s Countdown, is coming back to the 8 p.m. slot just three days after he signed off. Despite talk in this morning’s New York Times of a gag order, in which Olbermann can not speak about his departure, he has promised a dispatch tonight on his newly MSNBC-free Twitter. What could it be?

Realistically, it will be a thank you to fans for their outpouring of support (just like last time) and a promise to fill everyone in as soon as he knows more about his future plans. But we’re hoping for:

5. A joke about Oprah’s long-lost half-sister. Like, a really good joke. (Maybe even a #hashtag.)

4. A Twitpic of his Al Gore/Conan O’Brien-style funemployment beard.

3. A rant in the style of Courtney Love or Mr. West.

2. Plans to run for Mayor of Chicago (though Senator from Connecticut will do).

1. @JustinBieber haaaayyyyy

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