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Boom Boom Room Cocktail Waitresses Say They Were Fired For Not Being Hot Enough


Two former cocktail servers who worked at the Standard Hotels’ Boom Boom Room are suing after losing their jobs last summer. Fired for “less than par” performances (previously their reviews had been positive), they claim that the actual reason they lost their jobs is because they aren’t hot enough. Specifically, tall and model-hot enough.

Via the New York Post, the suit states:

“The Boom Boom Room wanted only cocktail waitresses who fit into its own perception of perfection, women who appear to be willowy, svelte and statuesque runway models – none of which is a bona fide occupational qualification for a cocktail waitress.”

The two women, Faye Rex and Stephanie Jaggers, are both aspiring actresses who measure about around 5 foot 4 — a fact that Rex lists on her resume, along with her weight. Which seems to indicate a certain culpability in the looks-ization of the industry, no?

Except, actually, it’s a gender discrimination issue!

“It’s not a question of looks,” their lawyer Richard Roth said, according to the Daily News. “They want statuesque runway models, and they’re treating women differently than they’re treating men.”

The two are seeking more than $1 million in damages.

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