Britney Spears, Here Are 11 More Suggestive Songs For You!


Britney Spears has carved a lucrative niche out of singing double-entendre sex songs like “If You Seek Amy” and her latest, “Hold It Against Me.”

Well, I’ve come up with yet another 11 surefire leering, nudge-nudge sex hits for the pop tart to open her mouth to, while her tongue wags. She can send the royalty checks to me care of the Voice.

Here goes:

(11) “Be Genital With My Love”

(10) “Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket?”

(9) “On My Knees at the Noodle Shop”

(8) “Dress Me Up In Doggie Style”

(7) “Sperm Whale (Beach Yourself on Me)”

(6) “Touch My Crescent and Taste My Pie” (Baker’s mix)

(5) “Voting For You at the Next Erection”

(4) “F**k In The Road” (duet with Cee-Lo Green)

(3) “Your Body of Work Is Impressive”

(2) “I’m Taking Dick Out For Clams”

And the winner…

(1) “I’m a (WHORE)-d’oeuvre”

With the flip side:

“My Abandoned Beaver Pond is an Ideal Habitat For Wetland Species”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 25, 2011

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