Jersey Shore’s Season 4 Italy Trip Is A Huge Mistake


MTV has just announced that the cast of Jersey Shore will be heading to Italy for season four of their show. We’re exporting our greatest national treasure to a country filled with a much more sex-fueled and corrupt government? This is a huge mistake. Here are five countries better suited for the next season of Jersey Shore.

We’d love to see how the snooty French deal with the over the top Jersey bunch. Snooki could easily replace her pickle eating habit with a baguette one in no time. Plus, we think Jwoww would look really hot in a beret while working on her long lost art skills.

The country already knows the gang as Macaroni Rascals. Nothing would be sadder than to see Sammi Sweetheart scream “I’m done,” while white geisha makeup streams down her face.

So the Jersey hooligans think that they can drink? There’s no way that they could hold a candle to old Irishmen. And we’d love to see Ronnie get into a pub brawl with someone who could actually fight.

Watching The Situation chase ass from pretty much every person on the boardwalk is getting old. Brazillian woman, some of the hottest in the world, wouldn’t fall for The Sitch’s slimy game.

The Netherlands
After three seasons of drunken fueled sex romps, we’ve never seen any of the cast touch any drugs (even though Ronnie is obviously coked out much of the time). It would be nice to watch Snooki slump down in her chair enjoying a nice pot brownie.

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