Love Gelato Will Soon Unveil Frozen Treats in Icy Weather


Temperatures may be dropping below zero outside, but die-hard gelato fans know that it’s never too cold for the frozen treat. Or at least that’s what the owners behind Love Gelato, the newest addition to the city’s growing roster of gelaterias, think.

The new company is promising to bring all-natural, Italian-style artisanal gelato to the Big Apple, along with coffee drinks from Lavazza, as well as assorted pastries and snacks like crepes and small sandwiches.

“It won’t be sit-down food service but an authentic espresso bar and you can stand and snack,” said co-owner Daniel Cohn. “Gelato will be the bread and butter, though. We’re going to do seasonal flavors — 18 to 24 at a time — and half will be seasonal, fresh flavors that depend on the fruits available.” Gelato tasting portions that are in the vein of wine flights will also be available.

Love Gelato is still getting its ducks in a row, but hopes to be ready by the end of February. The main location will be at 167 Seventh Avenue South, and a secondary branch housing the laboratory will be on 28th Street with a more limited selection available from a takeout window.

How will this newcomer be able to break into the already crowded gelato market? “We are making the gelato right here in Manhattan and we’re going to make it fresh every day. When you look at gelato that you get at the grocery, you’ll see that the texture and makeup has changed. It’s different than gelato that’s four hours off the press, which is what we’ll be doing. And a lot of our competitors import a foundation or powder that they mix with water. This is real artisanal gelato made from start to finish here in Manhattan, whereas a lot of the gelato in New York is closer to ice cream,” adds Cohn.

Let’s hope that they can bring the warmer weather with them, though. Because even though gelato consumption knows no season, it still tastes awfully better when you aren’t shivering under a cloak of snow.


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