McDonald’s Fruit and Maple Oatmeal Will Now Actually Have Maple!


McDonald’s Fruit and Maple Oatmeal has caused quite a controversy in recent weeks. Our Man Sietsema found the porridge devoid of fruit and akin to “something emptied from the sink trap” while Vermonters were up in arms because — shocker — there’s not any real maple syrup in the breakfast dish, violating the state’s strict maple laws. Well, the breakfast gods (er, McDonald’s reps) have listened and the times they are a-changing.

According to Bloomberg, beginning February 1, customers at McDonald’s stores can request 100 percent maple syrup or sugar to be added to their oatmeal. But get this: The 100 percent maple oatmeal will ONLY be available in Vermont. Which is kind of a big fuck-you to the rest of maple-loving America. Yes, this new version will probably cost McDonald’s more to produce because everyone knows maple syrup is about as expensive as saffron these days. But really, McDonald’s, why can’t the rest of America enjoy the real deal as opposed to the sap extracted from the bark of some bush vaguely related to the maple tree? Undoubtedly, this new version will be better because real maple anything makes everything taste yummier, but it looks like New Yorkers will never have the chance to know.



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