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Rahm Emanuel Back on Goddamn Ballot For Chicago Mayor


Yesterday an appeals court in Illinois ruled that notoriously short-tempered, foul-mouthed Rahm Emanuel was not eligible to run for mayor in the election on February 22 because he does not qualify as a resident. Today, Emanuel’s legal team took their case to the Illinois Supreme Court (you can read their petition here) where it was decided that he would be granted a “stay,” meaning his name will indeed be printed on the ballot, but with a final decision forthcoming. The Emanuel petition called yesterday’s decision “one of the most far-reaching election law rulings ever to be issued by an Illinois court, not only because of its implications for the current Chicago mayoral election but also for the unprecedented restriction that it imposes on the ability of numerous individuals to participate in every future municipal elections in this state.” They went on to list six “fundamental reasons” to reverse the ruling. Today’s decision to grant Emanuel a stay can be read here. In keeping with the spirit of the man, how about a hearty Fuck Yeah? [Ward Room / Chicago Tribune]

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