Some Americans Love Their Cats More Than Their Husbands


According to a recent poll, given the choice of “pet or paramour,” most Americans who own pets would choose their “spouse or significant other,” but there is an actual a percentage of people — 14 to be exact — who would pick their dog or cat or goldfish or ferret instead. When the stats were further broken down, pet owners who were merely dating were more likely to pick their pet (25 percent) than those who’d actually gotten married (8 percent). We’re sure their significant others are thrilled.

Count Fidel Martinez, 30, of Akron, Ohio, owner of a 100-pound (human sized!) dog named Killer, said it for all of the real animal-lovers out there: “I would absolutely give up my girlfriend for him. I know it sounds insane but I’ve had numerous relationships with women. My dog has never let me down.”

Interestingly, women had the harder time choosing between pets and humans: 40 percent of them said it was tough. And city dwellers (like us!) had the hardest time of all making the decision — 47 percent found it difficult. Uh oh.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 25, 2011

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