Amazon Unveils AmazonTote, a Home Delivery Service for Food


New York City already has its fair share of home delivery services, including grocery behemoth FreshDirect, the downtown-only Max Delivery, and the newly launched, drugstore-focused But those companies may soon have competition from Amazon, which is amping up its delivery presence with a new program called AmazonTote.

Currently, AmazonTote is only available in Seattle, Amazon’s home base, and it has been in existence since last summer. However, the company is now recruiting staff to implement the program elsewhere. The program essentially offers free delivery with no minimum purchase for grocery deliveries on a specified day. The goods are then delivered to the customer in a reusable tote bag.

It’s hard to tell how well AmazonTote will take off in New York City, since the program isn’t automatic, same-day delivery. What’s great about our homegrown Max Delivery, meanwhile, is that it offers regular groceries (albeit a somewhat limited selection), plus DVDs; treats from Billy’s Bakery, Murray’s Cheese Shop, Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, Sullivan Street Bakery, and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream; wine from Artisan; and so much more. And it’s all delivered within an hour. There’s really no need to leave the house. Ever. But if AmazonTote provides another reason to never leave home, then more power to it.

[Via Gizmodo]


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