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Andrew Cuomo Might Be a Bit Lonely, Now That You Ask


Via the New York Times‘ City Room blog, we’ve learned that our new governor had high hopes indeed for the friendly meet-and-greets and compelling but also compassionate civilian-to-civil-servant-type conversations to ensue in the recently reopened Hall of Governors on the Capitol building’s second floor. After 10 years of closure, “New Yorkers would once again be able to visit their chief executive freely”! Wouldn’t that be fun?

But as we all know, “hot spots” can change greatly in year’s time, to say nothing of a decade. And so, reports the Times, “Mr. Cuomo and his aides have noticed something they did not quite expect: New Yorkers, it seems, do not want to visit them.” Not even to see the giant oil paintings of previous governors lining the Hall!


The good news: Very little security risk, which had initially been warned of in discussions of reopening the Hall of Governors. Not even a sports injury!

“You know what?” Mr. Cuomo told an audience at Marist College last week. “Nobody’s there. You could bowl in the Hall of Governors. You’d hurt no one.”

In fact, pretty much the only people who have gone to see him have been…reporters. Now we feel really bad.

Serenity on the Second Floor [NYT]

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