Joe Biden Feeds the Trolls on Yahoo! Answers


Yahoo! Answers ranks barely above YouTube comments as the saddest, scummiest place for bizarre questions and offensive anonymous responses on the mainstream internet. So it’s a bit strange, but not exactly surprising that President Barack takes to YouTube to connect with the people and “win the future” or whatever, and then people just ask him about pot. Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, gets stuck with Yahoo! Answers for some reason, where he will answer questions throughout the week about last night’s State of the Union. Surprise: the questions are not very good!

Some play by the rules like, “Would you support an audit of the Federal Reserve? If not, then how come?” from the user “I’m goin to Shabooms!” Twenty-four people rated that question as “good.”

But not far behind, with eight “good” ratings: “Where are my car keys?”

And inevitably, from “golden boy”:

with the drug war having been lost 20 yrs ago, why don’t we shift the policies of the country. terroist
money comes from 2 sources petrol & drug money. we would be killing two birds with one stone if we
changed our drug laws.

Golden boy lists his sources as “history & my life exp.” (One person rated this as good.)

Other Biden-specific Yahoo! Answers highlights include the direct query pictured above: “Is joe biden challenged?” As in, “mentally………..” [sic, always]


My apologies, Mr. Vice President (and intern army), but you might be wasting your time.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 26, 2011

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