Keith Olbermann’s Future: What Will It Be?


Fiery Keith Olbermann is no longer at MSNBC, as you know, prompting a hailstorm of speculation about what he might end up doing, when he’s contractually allowed to relocate.

One report said he might consult and/or appear on an Aaron Sorkin show for HBO about cable news, which is interesting, though that doesn’t sound like a full-time job.

I bet Keith will eventually get his own full-time show somewhere–but where?

Maybe on CNN? They could use the ratings boost, though he’d probably have to reinvent himself again, this time as a let’s say calmer presence.

Or maybe he can get a Nancy Grace-type show on HLN, angrily seeking justice on a nightly basis, with nostrils flaring and smoke wafting.

Going back to sportscasting could be an option too. He could sardonically narrate athletic events the way he used to do with election results and White House press conferences.

I could also see Keith popping up as a judge on one of those dancing shows, where each celebrity klutz would be labeled “Worst Person in the World.”

There’s only one place I’m certain he won’t land:

Fox News!