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Open Door on Metro-North Train Horrifying to All But People Standing Right Next to It


Pretty much all the New York papers are covering the latest MTA HORROR: This time, a door that didn’t close on a Metro-North train running from New Canaan, Connecticut, to Grand Central Station. It was open nearly all the way from 125th Street to GCT! Somebody might have gotten hurt! (We presume the people lingering near the door have never had that nightmare in which they’re sucked through an open airplane hatch mid-flight? This is like the train version of that. To us.)
And perhaps to the the New York Times
, which describes Door-Scare-Gate a tad breathlessly:

On Monday morning, however, the cold had a more dangerous effect: a malfunctioning door remained open on a car even as the train hurtled toward Grand Central Terminal.


As the train rattles along upper Park Avenue, a group of nonchalant commuters smile, point at and laugh about the wide-open doorway, inches away from where they stand.

Fortunately, Metro North has gotten a much-needed wakeup call and is now checking all doors on commuter trains after widespread YouTube dissemination of this “SHOCK VIDEO” by citizen videographer Jeremy Grimes, who writes:

Open door on MetroNorth from Harlem/125th to about midway within the tunnel to Grand Central. No warning lights, no conductors nearby. Door finally closed on its own with a little passenger assistance. Notice the packed vestibule, probably 75 people standing from Stanford to GC. And the trains were running 45 minutes late.

No one was injured. But seriously, step away from that open door, people! You’re making us nervous.

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