Pix From Cholulita Bella Deli in Brooklyn


The well-stuffed carne enchilada cemita — reeking of papalo leaves — at Cholulita Deli.

This week, Counter Culture slides into Cholulita Bella Deli, under the J and M tracks on the border of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. The food is fabulous, and cheap, too, mostly representing an unreconstructed take on the urbanized food of the state of Puebla. There’s a new dining room, too.

Available all week (not just on weekends), the tripe soup is a mellow hangover remedy.

The huitlacoche (corn smut) quesadilla oozing black …

Our crew one evening chows down.


The hearty soup called mole de olla is a Pueblan fave. It comes with a pair of tostadas.

Shrimp Mexican-style is not as spicy as it looks.

But beware the heat of the tinga huarache!


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