This Saturday’s Brooklyn Psychfest #2: The High Dials, “Psyched-Out” Jell-O Shots, and More


Bootstrapped Broadway venue Party Xpo tends to specialize in punk/noise/muffled-acoustic hijinks, but this Saturday, the still kicking-and-screaming show space amusingly floats off into yoga-studio territory with the second annual Brooklyn Psychfest. A 12-hour space-jam marathon organized by Lady Bree, who’s best known for her booking accomplishments at Don Pedro’s, the eight-band bill of tambourines, organs and at least one sitar is either the perfect hook for a trend piece about Brooklyn’s burgeoning psych scene–it’s there, brah, just pull the rental figures on Enter the Void–or maybe it’s a sign that our local DIY spaces can be a little more genre-porous than one might expect.

In any case, the Facebook invite promises free beer and go-go dancing, though we should once again direct your attention to the “$1 psyched out jello shots,” because if you could turn the recipe into a sidebar, you’d really have a pitch. Schedule and flyer below:

Lady Bree Presents… Brooklyn Psychfest #2!
Saturday, January 29th @ PARTY EXPO
Doors at 5pm

*5:30pm- Brooklyn Raga Association

*6:30pm- Weird Owl

*7:30pm- The Runaway Suns

*8:30pm-28 Degrees Taurus (Boston)

*9:30pm- Bipolaroid (New Orleans)

*10:30pm- The High Dials (Montreal)

*11:30pm- Plastic Crimewave Sound (Chicago)

*12:30am- DeVries

PARTY XPO- 929 Broadway Bushwick
(Under the JMZ line, Myrtle Broadway stop)

$10 21+


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