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This Week in the Voice: Zaire Paige Shoots to Kill


​The cover of this week’s Village Voice is the story of Zaire Paige, a budding young actor who went from playing a killer in the Ethan Hawke film Brooklyn’s Finest, to becoming one in real life. He now faces 107 years in prison for the murder of suspected gangster Lethania Garcia, a killing committed as an act of revenge for the 2006 slaying of a friend. Elizabeth Dwoskin and Jason Parham tell the gripping tale of a young man’s fall.

In food, Robert Sietsema reviews some good old fashioned smut. Corn smut, of course! Ced-Stuy’s Cholulita is “one of the best inexpensive Mexicans in the borough.”

J. Hoberman dishes on “genre inventor” Fritz Lang. Film Forum is running a two-week series, showing all 22 of Lang’s American movies. He also gives us a review of Kaboom, the ambisexual Gregg Araki film coming out this week.

Love demons? Nick Pinkerton reviews The Rite starring Anthony Hopkins and “prefaced with a quote from Pope John Paul II.”

Karina Longworth‘s “The Stars of Sundance Past Make Strong Returns” features fair amounts of Kevin Smith talk and indie love.

Remember when Bob Dylan came to New York 50 years ago? If you don’t, Rob Trucks is here to help. He locates some of the great Village haunts of Dylan’s day.

Michael Feingold reviews Other Desert Cities in the theater section. It’s about sunny Palm Springs, where it is warmer than here!

R.C. Baker writes on Yuichi Higashionna at the Marianne Boesky Gallery: “Exposed wiring cascades to the floor and plugs into a spread-out jumble of transformers like a root system providing energy for the flamboyant display high above.”

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 26, 2011

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