New York

We’re Still Looking For a La Daily Musto College Intern


Some great applicants have sashayed through these halls, but just like J. Lo and Steven Tyler, we want to be sure we make the absolutely perfect choice before fitting the tiara.

We need a college student who’ll intern for credit.

Someone with an avid, almost unhealthy interest in gossip, nightlife, and the other crazy stuff that makes New York (and the pop culture) resonate in everyone’s minds by the proverbial water cooler of the soul.

You should also have a desire to help with ideas, links, quotes, formatting, and promoting the items.

What you’ll get:

Great experience working with a self-proclaimed icon whose blog is absolutely burning up the charts, I swear.

Occasional blog credit for your research.

And maybe even some guest list action and–what the hell–comp hors d’oeuvres.

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