Chefs Don’t Really Like Foodies, Either


It’s not exactly breaking news, but CNN’s Eatocracy has found that chefs, like most other people, don’t really care for foodies.

“You admire their enthusiasm towards coming in to eat, but they’re sometimes more excited about it than you are, to a point where it’s way overzealous,” says one Atlanta chef. Another, a pastry chef who is now a lawyer (isn’t it usually the other way around these days?), is more blunt: “Foodies will flat-out drop some cash on the worst pile of crap if they saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or if Bobby Flay threw it down. They have no real opinion of their own.”

Still, one Boston chef contends that “on the whole there are different types of foodies and most are tolerable.” Suzanne Goin (and Sara Jenkins) has found that the best way to tolerate them is to stop reading their Yelp reviews. But perhaps the most comprehensive approach is the equal-opportunity one employed by waiters: According to one restaurateur, “Waiters hate foodies, but then waiters hate everyone.”


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