Fatty Kiosks Will Peddle Fatty Fun in Battery Park


Remember way, way back to August of 2009, when everyone couldn’t wait to get their ass down to Wall Street to try the brisket at Picnick Smoked? As the food blogosphere has the attention span of a drunk gnat, the mania surrounding Will Goldfarb and Kevin Pomplun’s barbecue trailer — and accompanying Battery Park kiosk — abated almost as quickly as it appeared, and not much has been heard from Battery Park since last April.

But thanks to Zak Pelaccio, that’s about to change: As Grub Street reports, he and Pomplun are transforming the kiosk (and Picnick kiosk) into outposts of the growing Fatty empire. The pair will open a kiosk called (for now) Fatty Snack, and a mobile manifestation of Fatty ‘Cue. The Snack shack will sell soft-serve and cold sandwiches. Both operations are expected to open in the spring, should it ever arrive.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2011


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