Gabe Stulman Gets His Thursday Styles Close-Up


Today, the Times‘ Thursday Styles section turns its attentions to the matter of Gabe Stulman and discovers that he is more or less a one-man employment agency for “scruffy young” Wisconsin ex-pats:

“Here I am, a guy from Wisconsin who wanted to work with a bunch of his friends from Wisconsin,” quoth Stulman. “Now, it’s becoming a self-perpetuating machine. People have come here straight from college and said, ‘I hear you hire people from Wisconsin.'”

The piece also mentions the genesis of Joseph Leonard and the Fedora. Oddly, there are no quotes from anyone else involved with the restaurants, making the profile as one-dimensional as it is gushing. But befitting the Styles section, at least we now know that Stulman wears a vintage Kelly green Moncler down vest “to show off his new property.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2011


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