More Glenn Beck Outrage: Right-wing Ranter Attacks Co-op City, the Bronx; Natives Up in Arms


“Well, there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn’t advise you to try to invade.”

This fine free advice, first offered by Humphrey Bogart to Nazi swill in Casablanca, is here offered to Glenn Beck who — after offending almost all of America’s rabbi’s, as reported by our Joe Coscarelli here — made another bone-headed miscalculation on his show Tuesday when he maligned a certain section of the Bronx.

As the Daily News‘ Mike Jaccarino reports, Beck compared Co-op City to a failed socialist state, thus setting off tremors of rage throughout the borough.
“Do you want to live there?” says Beck as photos of the north Bronx’s towers flickered across the screen. “This is Co-op City. Oh, man! This is so beautiful,” the Beck man gloats sarcastically. “That’s the Great Society for you, and those are the lush [buildings].”
The slide show was part of one of Beck’s trademark history lectures, this one on dread socialism, in which he says that everyone has “exactly the same stuff, which sounds like these beautiful complexes.” (Presumably this is as opposed to capitalism, where all you get is the same schlock strasse in every town filled with Olive Gardens, Wal-Marts and Home Depots.)

But here’s Co-op City resident Leonard Murrell, who bought his three-bedroom apartment there in 1971 for $5,000, as quoted by the News, putting a fine boot up Beck’s butt: Co-op City “gave me a chance to have a place to call my own. I was renting when I came to Co-op City, and now I own. It’s my piece of the pie.”

And here’s Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr., rushing this morning to defend his borough: “It is unfortunate that, in an attempt to promote his ideology, Glenn Beck felt the need to attack Co-op City. Co-op City is a great place to live, evident in the fact that close to 55,000 people make their home there. Glenn Beck is wrong on just about every issue–from gun control to immigration to health care–and now he is wrong about the Bronx as well. Glenn Beck does not know the Bronx and does not know Co-op City.”

Diaz goes on to invite Beck to visit the borough, a tour we would enjoy covering. Mayor Bloomberg has not been heard from on this score, but since he has just shut down city schools and government for a sunny snowy play day he is busy getting ready for that OEM presser.