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New York Grandmas Getting Attacked


Have you called your grandma lately? You’d better call her today and find out how her night was, because grandmothers are getting attacked all across New York, including two just this week.

The Bomb Avoiding Sleeper

The New York Post reported today that “a Long Island grandma sitting asleep in her living room got a horrible fright when someone threw a Molotov cocktail through her front window.”

Luckily the grandma was unharmed and according to, just had to be “treated for smoke inhalation.”

Oddly, that seems less like an innocent prank gone wrong, and more like a purposeful attack.

The Mugged Shopkeeper

If you don’t watch the video above and feel incredibly sorry for the old woman, you’re completely heartless. The Daily News featured the story of Linda and Joseph Naimo, an elderly couple who own a thrift store. On their way home from work they were viciously beaten by a mugger couple (a man and a woman). According to the News, and Linda sustained “two black eyes, a broken nose and a 2-inch gash on her forehead.”

We wish Linda Naimo the speediest of recoveries and hope her attackers get the worst jail sentences possible. Stay safe, everyone, and call your granny.

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