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NYC Snow Plow Hits Car Again, On The Same Street! [VIDEO]


Remember that video from last month’s snowstorm of the snow plow smashing into the car without any care? Unfortunately for someone, the same thing has happened again during this snowstorm. In a twist of fate, this accident took place on the same exact street in Brooklyn Heights! Video of the accident after the jump.

This accident happened the corner of Joralemon Street and Columbia Place in Brooklyn Heights, right down the street from where the first car smashing took place. The plow on the right is trying to push the plow on the left, which had been stuck there for about an hour. The plow on the right backed up and hit the car behind it. According to the recorder of the video, the sanitation workers approached the accident “pretty nonchalantly.”

This isn’t as bad as the first accident but it’s a clear indicator that new plowing methods should be taken to Brooklyn Heights. Two damaged cars on the same street in the same season? Like we needed any other reason to remind us why winter sucks.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2011

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