Rats Continue Takeover of New York City Subway


The viral video of a rat climbing on a man’s face was terrifying, but could be brushed off as a weird one-time thing. (And maybe it was his fault for falling asleep!) But a new clip, brought to us again by the indomitable NYC the Blog, features more crawling creatures sharing subway space with paying customers, no longer on the dark and grimy platforms, but on the brightly lit, tightly enclosed cars. And in the middle of the day!

More details:

In an email to NYC The Blog, the videographer, 43-year-old Brooklyn resident Nelson V. Gomez, explained he was on an R train to Brooklyn around 3:00 pm when the rat entered the car at the Wall Street station and scurried from one end to the other, and back again. The crisis was averted when it became clear that the little critter was just looking for a ride, and got off at the next station.

The Daily News, in picking up the same story, also alludes back to the rat-on-face video, but contends that it’s “been suggested, however, that the rat was let loose intentionally in that video.” Has that been suggested? If so, what the hell, right? Tell us more about this conspiracy, if you please.

But this recent string of rat videos raises another question: is the infestation of our subway system getting worse or is the prevalence of mobile recording devices just rising?

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