Remedy Diner Remedies the Veggie Burger


So you don’t eat cute farm animals. Still, you sometimes long for the kind of gutbomb that involves a greasy heap of still-screaming meat.

Remedy Diner’s veggie burger solves this herbivore dilemma.

While many a vegetarian patty contains mysterious, though colorful, flecks of legume, the Lower East Side eatery’s sports identifiable — and seemingly fresh, not frozen — slivers of mushroom, spinach, onion, broccoli, carrot, and the occasional lentil. What makes this sandwich stand out: The soy flour-based ground round balances density and delicacy, and is subtly seasoned with salt and pepper. The exterior has a toothsome, golden-brown crispiness, giving way to a chewy-but-moist middle. The offering, served on a hulking and hot sesame bun, fills you up like its meaty analogues.

A prime example of well-played diner food, the $5.75 plate tastes better and costs less and than many of its competitors (though lettuce and tomato don’t come with it). Go ahead and spring for yellow American cheese for $1 extra, if your gastrointestinal game plan calls for sheer-but-bloodless gluttony.

Remedy Diner
245 East Houston Street, at Norfolk Street

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