Sleigh Bells Enact Every Band’s Fantasy and Murder Each Other In the Video for “Rill Rill”


Well, OK, the murder actually only goes one way here: delightful frontlady Alexis Krauss (spoiler alert?) chucks guitarist Derek Miller from a moving car, thus fulfilling a tour fantasy that anyone who has ever been in a band has had. Also featured: killer yearbook photos and satanic locker altars that play on Krauss’s schoolteacher past; a phone with blood coming out of it. And though it’s sort of been obvious for a while now, we’ll go ahead and say the most significant thing about this very high production video (directed by John Watts) is that they shot it for “Rill Rill,” the sweetest and most dazed track on last year’s Treats. If you want to know what this duo’s next record is gonna sound like, our money’s right here. Watch the video above:


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2011

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