Subway Rider Mutiny Involves Taking Over N Train for Warmth


New York subway riders will not be stopped! Well, technically, they will be stopped. But when they are stopped on a D train at Coney Island because it’s freakin’ blizzards outside, they will COMMANDEER another train regardless of what the MTA and NYPD say! (This is good, because we really don’t get enough commandeering these days, you know?) Anyway, via the New York Post, the people on the train (there were some 100 of them) were already annoyed at the subway service changes that landed them in Coney Island in the first place. Plus being cold, hungry, and having to pee — key ingredients for mutiny!

First, a “sympathetic conductor” let them on a stalled N train, which was heated. But then public meanies the transit cops and the MTA said they had to take the train to the yard, and the passengers would have to debark.

“Where were we supposed to go?!” Eva Mahoney said. “I was really upset.”

Then things got Mutiny-on-the-Bounty-esque, if there were a subway version:

In a desperate rebellion, the passengers wouldn’t move. Exasperated workers turned the heat on for them.

Still, it was unpleasant, without bathroom access. At 6 a.m. the train finally moved again, headed for Manhattan. People were not happy. Making them less happy? Mahoney told the Post that one MTA employee said it “wasn’t his problem. ”

Fightin’ words.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has a very different story of what went down.

Stranded subway passengers commandeer second train to keep warm [NYP]
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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 27, 2011

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